About Us

Indiajutes.com is an exclusive Jute mart and as a one-stop shop for all jute diversified products, over the time carved a niche for itself with an exclusive range of products that comes in beautiful sizes, textures, and looks.

Sustainable to the core, Jute not only masters the art of spinning magic with its Golden Fibre but also makes a humble attempt to provide a sustainable livelihood to remotely located artisan families. The income generated from the sale of handmade products through indiajutes.com  assures a better life to the marginalized artisans and it is our mission.

Due to its high strength and durability, Jute proves to be an amazing material for the production of bags. This in addition to the workmanship of our artisans results in the formation of bags, holders – that come in beautiful shapes, sizes and textures.

You have a requirement and we have a bag for the same!

100% Natural 100% Indian